Monday, August 10, 2009

Operating Systems - Big and Small

If you don't  like Microsoft, you'll like this:

If you don't like Apple, you'll like this:

And if you do like Google, you'll like this:

All three are big articles about big companies doing big things.

Now look at this blog:

Small articles about small people doing small things.

Linus Torvalds is the founder and leader of Linux. Linux is what is putting the mainframe out out of business. Linux is the operating system used by the web site you are reading this on. Linux is the operating system used to write this post.

I cannot really say or even imagine where this is all heading, but I am reminded of the title of a book famous in the 1970's:

Small is Beautiful

Waiting for my turn with Bill Sario - best Puerto Rican barber in San Francisco.

The San Francisco fog slithering between Alcatraz and Angel Island.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: google? Twitter is life's work. So much still to do to add. So no sense to give up. Best thing is to work hard.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: API? Lots of very interesting apps.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: smartphone? No specific plans for any phone.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: global issues? Sustainability? Intent. No bottled water. SF water good. Broadcasting successes.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: final words. Minimize thinking about communicating. Sparking interaction.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: new way to communicate. No special niche. Immediate. Realitime. Limited canvas size.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: faster than other services. Micro blogging - not really.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: naming something very difficult. First name: twitch.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: user: twitterer. Tweet came from users.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: how to help businesses? Luna park 50% discount to followers.

Twitter jack dorsey. Revenues? Let features emerge from network. People asking for legitimacy - maybe will pay for this?

Twitter jack dorsey: have enough money to wait for a while before income.

Twitter jack dorsey. Facebook updated. So why use twitter? Because easy as possible. Using it as a utility.

Twitter jack dorsey. What song to sing when drunk? Let's dance. David bowie.

Twitter jack dorsey. Internationalization? Now japanese. Spanish coming. Already so easy. Priority: Stable technology.

Jack dorsey. Twitter future made by users -

Twitter jack dorsey - twitter inspiration: mapping, couriers, physical activity. Can track. Rich sense of the city. How to report real time?

Twitter jack dorsey. How best to use? You find a value somewhere...

Twitter jack dorsey. Flutter?not used.

Temple director of sustainability speaking - treehugger voted best night club

Sitting down near the stage at temple waiting for the speaker.

Standing in line, waiting to get in at Temple - going to listen to Jack Dorsey speak about Twitter at zipcar event.

Listening to Maurice Benayoun - French Internet artist - at SF Artist Institute.

Back from lunch at Houston's with a very interesting VC personality.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Preparing for a good night's sleep after a wonderful day trip to the robot wars of Sant Cruz.

Waiting in San Jose Greyhound station. Why? Because what else would you do at bus stations.

I'm on this greyhound bus. Sitting in a seat with the extra space of an emergency row - except there's no exit here. Bizarre but I like it.

Having fun at the Santa Cruz Greyhound station. There's been a stabbing here and the polizi are cordoning it off to gather evidence.

Finished with Kianti's. Now at the Avenue. Yeah Santa Cruz.

Being sad that Serge's robot was dead in the water in the finals.

Serge's robot is in the lead. Wiped the other robot off the field.

Waiting for the robots to compete here at the school of engineering at UCSC. Go Serge's team.

Returning from a rite of passage - the visit to the Santa Cruz mystery spot. Crooked!

Eating lunch with Cynthia at Chocolat on Pacific Ave in Santa Cruz.

Eating a Polish sausage while sitting at a hot dog stand outside San Jose Greyhound station. My 2nd time here. The dogs are good.

Monday, February 09, 2009

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