Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monday, December 08, 2008

Two Weeks until Paris

Two weeks until I go to Paris. The race is on. How much can I get done before I have to start getting ready to go? How much more weight can I lose to make up for what I will gain? And will I be able to balance all the holiday season events with both of these?

And then, can I do something about my email situation? Over 170 emails in my inbox. Some have been there for MONTHS! Yikes.

back from my monday swim. so many things to do. so little time for each.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

WordPress vs Blogger

. Revision history
. Category and tags
. 3 GB storage
. Limited number of gadgets

. Free custom url
. Free Templates &CSS
. 1 GB storage - organize using picasa
. Probably easier for others to edit
. Access to full google gadgets

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

here i am

sitting at winebarsf. it's been terrible. nothing has been saving - even locally. yikes!

well, at last, something is working: even google docs offline was not working.

so here i am on blogger. there is no control S. and I have to scroll down to save. thren go to the manager and then come back. is much friendlier. but then again, this is working.

takes your choices.

so i was meant to be writing for artofthenet - on internet bios - biornet -
interbio - webio - autowebio - webiography << yes that's the one!

back in blogger after WP

does this autosave? not sure. difficult to comparewith wordpress. the big disappointment is google docs. couldn't work offline on my Eee PC for reasons i do not understand.

this cannot save on a control S. Hello what are you supposed to do?

tags but no categories here. lot's of small diffs. which is better. blogger or wordpress. very not easy.

both WP and Blogger versions saved. three glasses of wine. time to go home.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Eating a vegetables with pasta sauce lunch - having exercised, blogged and scanned old data. Yay!

Home Exercises

I'm writing this while sitting at my desk - sweating. OK, it is fairly hot in here. Thermometer says 77 F /25 C degrees. But really I'm sweating because of forty five minutes of exercising quite hard. This is the eighth time I have subjugated myself to a home exercise program. I am over one quarter of the way to 28 days of home exercise. People say that if you do something for 28 days then it becomes a habit. What started as a resolution becomes routine. Twenty eight days is sort of a month with a few times missing. Not perfect but doable. Anyway who decided on the 28 days (or one month as other say) anyway?  Got to look that up.

There are several reasons for home exercise rather than classes  - such as the Pilates classes that I have been taking  at my Golden Gateway Tennis and Swim Club since 2001. First is that I can't seem to make my classes travel to France and elsewhere with me. I can't do classes in San Francisco and home exercise while I'm on the road. At least I have not been able to do this in the past. Even with the best of intentions, my home exercising on the road has only lasted for one or two rather desultory sessions. My hope is that I will soon be so acclimated to my home exercises that It will naturally follow that I continue the routine while traveling. Knock on wood.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Three things I'd like to see

1. De-criminalize drug usage

2. Re-purpose the military

3. Fix education and health???

3. More power to the States.

What are the very biggest over-arching objectives for the future?

encourage more smaller companies. family companies like in China? break up the military industrial complex.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Fog is rolling in - very dense. Time to do my laundry.

Still scanning thousands of pages of old paper notes and files.


More scanning of old files. I've scanned thousands of pages in the last few days. Mostly personal notes and files from the 1990s. Lots of memories of life in Mill Valley and work at Autodesk. Good times and not such good times.

It 's difficult to do anything else while scanning because the scanning requires so much but not all attention. So I'm trying blogging while scanning. Can I do some lightweight writing while I can. Well, for the moment it seems possible.

I just had my first issue with the Fujitsu ScanSnap 300 scanner. It 'lost' a two hundred plus page scan - about twenty minutes of work. I have upgrade to latest revision of the software. I should probably stop the scans at 100 pages and start a new file. it does not seem to be possible to append to an existing file using the ScanSnap driver. On the whole, the scanner is working really well. Ir scans fast. makes small files, and very rarely misfeeds.

I am learning how to hack it. If the top of a sheet - an old fax for example - is ragged, you can open the scanner and insert the paper just beyond the ragged edge. Also if you see a sheet going in slightly crooked, you can gently hold the tail end of the sheet - causing the sheet to straighten. If worse comes to worse and a sheet is being mangled, you can open the scanner in mid-scan to stop the scanning. The you can re-feed the scan and resume exactly where the last good scan finished. The ScanSnap is an excellent product. A nice benefit is that it is quite small and, in particular, not high - making it easy to feed in sheets while it is sitting on a normal desk top.

Last night I went out for drinks at WineSF and dinner at Sens with Pierre Gasztowtt. We talked of the differences between life in San Francisco and Paris, between city and country life. We talked about the in and out of his finite element analysis software. We had a good time.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blogging Idea

I'd like to start an unofficial Safeway blog. The blog would offer suggestions to Safeway about what products people liked or did not like. There would be a good number of contributors - basically anybody could join. But all posts would be moderated. The idea would not be to dump on Safeway but to offer constructive advice.

I shop at Safeway several times a week. It's my most frequent shopping experience, So I might as well be part of the story to make Safeway even better.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mobile blogging

Blogging from my BB. It looks like it's better to blog by sending an email. Cannot edit a post. Just create a new one. Well you can keep one going. But feels easier in gmail.

Monday, June 16, 2008

title testing

I can't seem to find out how to get Blogger to use nice URLs. So I am creating a new post to see what happens. ... OK so it looks like this is a good URL for this post:

Sunday, June 15, 2008


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Thursday, May 15, 2008

We've Moved

I have just moved all the data for this site from the Dreamhost server to the server. The downside will be that there is less flexibility in customizing the site. The upside is that WordPress will take care of all the updates, hosting, and protection. Before too long, I hope to get all my sites on WordPress (or Google) and get entirely out of the hosting 'business'.