Tuesday, July 15, 2008

here i am

sitting at winebarsf. it's been terrible. nothing has been saving - even locally. yikes!

well, at last, something is working: blogger.com. even google docs offline was not working.

so here i am on blogger. there is no control S. and I have to scroll down to save. thren go to the manager and then come back. wordpress.com is much friendlier. but then again, this is working.

takes your choices.

so i was meant to be writing for artofthenet - on internet bios - biornet -
interbio - webio - autowebio - webiography << yes that's the one!

back in blogger after WP

does this autosave? not sure. difficult to comparewith wordpress. the big disappointment is google docs. couldn't work offline on my Eee PC for reasons i do not understand.

this cannot save on a control S. Hello what are you supposed to do?

tags but no categories here. lot's of small diffs. which is better. blogger or wordpress. very not easy.

both WP and Blogger versions saved. three glasses of wine. time to go home.

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