Thursday, July 03, 2008


More scanning of old files. I've scanned thousands of pages in the last few days. Mostly personal notes and files from the 1990s. Lots of memories of life in Mill Valley and work at Autodesk. Good times and not such good times.

It 's difficult to do anything else while scanning because the scanning requires so much but not all attention. So I'm trying blogging while scanning. Can I do some lightweight writing while I can. Well, for the moment it seems possible.

I just had my first issue with the Fujitsu ScanSnap 300 scanner. It 'lost' a two hundred plus page scan - about twenty minutes of work. I have upgrade to latest revision of the software. I should probably stop the scans at 100 pages and start a new file. it does not seem to be possible to append to an existing file using the ScanSnap driver. On the whole, the scanner is working really well. Ir scans fast. makes small files, and very rarely misfeeds.

I am learning how to hack it. If the top of a sheet - an old fax for example - is ragged, you can open the scanner and insert the paper just beyond the ragged edge. Also if you see a sheet going in slightly crooked, you can gently hold the tail end of the sheet - causing the sheet to straighten. If worse comes to worse and a sheet is being mangled, you can open the scanner in mid-scan to stop the scanning. The you can re-feed the scan and resume exactly where the last good scan finished. The ScanSnap is an excellent product. A nice benefit is that it is quite small and, in particular, not high - making it easy to feed in sheets while it is sitting on a normal desk top.

Last night I went out for drinks at WineSF and dinner at Sens with Pierre Gasztowtt. We talked of the differences between life in San Francisco and Paris, between city and country life. We talked about the in and out of his finite element analysis software. We had a good time.

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