Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dismasted in SF Bay. Now home safe and sound. Whew! Because there were no injuries, our evening sail was merely an adventure. Thanks to Tim.

Dismasted in SF Bay. At the dock. Yay!

Dismasted in SF bay. Approaching the dock. Nearl safe and sound.

Dismasted in SF bay. Must and sails untangled. Motor s running. Raising the anchor.

Dismasted in SF bay. We are underway. Motoring to Emeryville.

Dismasted In SF bay. We have the main mast back on board.

Dismasted off Treasure Island. Can't untangle sails and mast. Chilly.

Tim had gone into the SF bay water to make sure we have no lines that could jam the propeller

Dismasted. In SF bay. We have motor so should be OK.

My whole life seems to be revolve about processing email. Nearly everything I do or create goes out via the tubes. Likes and dislikes this.