Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: google? Twitter is life's work. So much still to do to add. So no sense to give up. Best thing is to work hard.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: API? Lots of very interesting apps.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: smartphone? No specific plans for any phone.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: global issues? Sustainability? Intent. No bottled water. SF water good. Broadcasting successes.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: final words. Minimize thinking about communicating. Sparking interaction.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: new way to communicate. No special niche. Immediate. Realitime. Limited canvas size.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: faster than other services. Micro blogging - not really.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: naming something very difficult. First name: twitch.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: user: twitterer. Tweet came from users.

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: how to help businesses? Luna park 50% discount to followers.

Twitter jack dorsey. Revenues? Let features emerge from network. People asking for legitimacy - maybe will pay for this?

Twitter jack dorsey: have enough money to wait for a while before income.

Twitter jack dorsey. Facebook updated. So why use twitter? Because easy as possible. Using it as a utility.

Twitter jack dorsey. What song to sing when drunk? Let's dance. David bowie.

Twitter jack dorsey. Internationalization? Now japanese. Spanish coming. Already so easy. Priority: Stable technology.

Jack dorsey. Twitter future made by users -

Twitter jack dorsey - twitter inspiration: mapping, couriers, physical activity. Can track. Rich sense of the city. How to report real time?

Twitter jack dorsey. How best to use? You find a value somewhere...

Twitter jack dorsey. Flutter?not used.

Temple director of sustainability speaking - treehugger voted best night club

Sitting down near the stage at temple waiting for the speaker.

Standing in line, waiting to get in at Temple - going to listen to Jack Dorsey speak about Twitter at zipcar event.

Listening to Maurice Benayoun - French Internet artist - at SF Artist Institute.

Back from lunch at Houston's with a very interesting VC personality.