Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Preparing for a good night's sleep after a wonderful day trip to the robot wars of Sant Cruz.

Waiting in San Jose Greyhound station. Why? Because what else would you do at bus stations.

I'm on this greyhound bus. Sitting in a seat with the extra space of an emergency row - except there's no exit here. Bizarre but I like it.

Having fun at the Santa Cruz Greyhound station. There's been a stabbing here and the polizi are cordoning it off to gather evidence.

Finished with Kianti's. Now at the Avenue. Yeah Santa Cruz.

Being sad that Serge's robot was dead in the water in the finals.

Serge's robot is in the lead. Wiped the other robot off the field.

Waiting for the robots to compete here at the school of engineering at UCSC. Go Serge's team.

Returning from a rite of passage - the visit to the Santa Cruz mystery spot. Crooked!

Eating lunch with Cynthia at Chocolat on Pacific Ave in Santa Cruz.

Eating a Polish sausage while sitting at a hot dog stand outside San Jose Greyhound station. My 2nd time here. The dogs are good.