Friday, July 06, 2007

First Real Posting in AotN

I wrote '100 Years of Cubism' today and I'm quite happy with the writing. It tries to get a point across and it has a fairly entertaining ending. It took three or four hours of writing and research to put together.

The especially nice thing was that when the post was finished and published I had the feeling that I had done my work for the day and it was now safe to do something else. When I've been working on other people's web sites, there always more to do, and the work never has an ending feeling.

So let's go to the Ferry Building for caviar (from Marin County) and tea.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Art of the Net Updated

Art of the Net has been updated from a competition web site into a blog. Tomorrow I will write a post about the 100th anniversary of Cubism.

Changing Course

For several years I have been building web sites for other people. I have learned much - more perhaps than the people I was trying to help. But now it is time to start making web sites for myself. One of those sites is this one.

I hope to write here more frequently than I write in my own private journals. In doing so I hope to question the act of writing a blog. Is this a form of narcissism or is this the creation of data for future data-miners or something else entirely?

I've just looked up narcissism in wikipedia. There are a lot of references - too much to think about for the moment.

Anyway, courage Theo. Come back here often and exercise your writing skills and then use those skills on other sites...