Tuesday, March 06, 2001


We arrived on time, the bags came quickly, and there was little traffic, so I was off the plane and in Paris within one hour.

I went straight to my room at The Travellers. I took a shower and put on a suit and necktie.

When I went downstairs to the bar, my friend Patrick was there. I watched him play backgammon for a little while. This is quite boring as nobody really talks.

Damien, Gregoire, Nicolas, and Benjamin

Then Damien, Gregoire, Nicolas, and Benjamin arrived. We had drinks the club and then went out for dinner to a very nice restaurant in the 7e that I had never been to.

crêpes suzette

I had crêpes suzette for desert. Unfortunately the picture of them does not show the flames of the burning Cointreau

All four boys are growing up very nicely. They are at the age when they are full of confidence, happiness, and optimism. They all have jobs that they like. It was really nice to be with them and feel their energy.

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