Monday, March 05, 2001


I had all day to pack and to organize my departure. What a luxury to have all this time. And yet when it actually came time to leave, it was all rushed and there was not enough time.

I really like my apartment, so it is hard to leave. On the other hand it is easy to leave. I don't have to worry about the basement being flooded, or watering the plants. I can just lock the door and go. Here us the view from the balcony:
View from my balcony
Before I left I took pictures of two things to show to the Rylands in Venice.

The first is a poster that is currently being displayed all over San Francisco advertising a contest to win a trip to visit the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice.
Marini Horse

The second is of a sculpture of a horse by Marino Marini that I can almost see from my bedroom Window. The sculpture is similar to the one at the water entrance to the Palazzo Venier.

I left from the brand new International Terminal at San Francisco Airport. It's very big. And seemed bigger because it was almost empty. I expect this will change when the summer tourist season starts.

I went to the United Airlines Red Carpet Club. Also enormous. There must be room for a thousand people. It has a beautiful view of the airport and the bay.

The flight was uneventful. I had three seats to myself. I saw a rather surreal film set in the 1920's about a man that escaped from prison and combed his hair a lot.

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