Monday, June 10, 2013

Former Fanboy's First Feelings: Favorable & Fail

New MacPro

Favorable: every tech exec will want the large black soup can to be seen sitting on their desk.

First fun-looking desktop in a decade.

Pricing: I'm guessing models will range between $1,999 and $10,000.

"Wow, you have a computer that could have cost $10K!?!"

Lots of up-selling and up-posing (is that a word?) possibilities.

iOS 7

Fail: my first impression agrees with Ryan Katkov's post above. It's a bit messy in there.

Do remember, however, that the OS is still at an early stage. There will be many clean-ups before iOS 7 ships.

On the other hand:

Now we can be post-anti-skeumorphic.

Yay! And thanks to PaulM for the link.


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