Saturday, October 13, 2007

Art of the Net - Good to Go

I have finally have Art of the Net at a stage where I feel I can show it to people. Today I edited and published What is Web Art? and started and published Read Me. I also updated the tags, and did minor edits throughout. There's still a lot of errors lurking, but now I'm sure that other people will help with proofreading.

Tomorrow I will send the link to Ken Goldberg and Steve Gordon. I am so excited that Ken is so excited. We have lift-off!

New HTC Advantage is good - maybe even delightful. Fits into the pocket and has a long battery life. VGA resolution and quite fast on the Internet. Anyway, I went for a long walk today - quite happy to be out of my 'office' and still very much connected. It's quite a bit smaller than the current UMPC's and has a great battery life - which the UMPC's do not have.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Theo,

    Just found your website by accident and like to say HELLO to an old friend.

    I am the guy who worked for Acer/Sertek to sell ACAD in long time ago. So, have you recalled about me? If you like please mail me.

    I guess you have retired, wish you all the best.