Sunday, January 04, 2004

New Year Cards

For quite a few years, I've sent out Christmas cards and more recently emails. There are a number of issues with this effort. Not everybody likes Christmas cards. Particularly people who are not Christians. Also preparing Christmas cards takes a lot of work in terms of creating the layout and addressing the messages and so on. In the Christmas season time is at a premium, because this is a wonderful time to be with children family and friends. So there has to be a better answer. And there is. And the French have it. Some time ago the French government began to be very strict about separating church and state. It thus became impossible for the government to send out Christmas cards. But government officials did want to maintain the tradition of staying in contact with lots of people with a token message each year. Thus the French government changed to sending New Year cards. Now everybody in France sends New Year cards. The date of arrival does not seem to be too important. Sometime in December or January is OK. I like this idea very much and so I am switching to sending New Year cards.

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